3 Ideas for an Incredible Beach-side Proposal

It’s hard to find a place more romantic than the beach. If you’re planning a seaside holiday with your love and you feel it’s about the right time to pop the question, you have to plan it well. If that is the scenario, we have a few ideas for you. After all, the moment needs to be completely out of the ordinary. Read below our tips – they can help you prepare an unforgettable proposal.

A beach dinner with a twist

Whichever your destination of choice, you should have at least one dinner on the beach. Choose the twilight moment and make sure the serving is flawless. It will help you a lot if you research the beach restaurants in the area in advance and check their reviews. To make the beach dinner even more exciting, have a local band play at your table. Again, make sure to plan this early on. Many musicians in beach areas are happy to play for restaurants and other such venues to entertain the clients.

Book a helicopter ride

Proposing in mid-air doubles the thrill! Surely helicopter rides are pricey, but it’s more than worth it if it’s once in a lifetime and for such a noble purpose. Numerous seaside locations of the world offer such service. You can fly in a helicopter along the shore or venture further away to view the islands, depending on your location of choice. Couples are always exhilarated with such a scenic ride. If you’re in a place like Bali, with volcano peaks not far in the distance, you’re going to be stunned.

Attend a dance course or workshop

Plenty of famous beaches are dotted with venues where you can learn how to master a dance, like salsa, tango or bachata. The classes are followed by parties. These can begin at sundown and last well into the night. Learn the dance together, as it will be a perfect bonding experience. Beach Spot Online can reveal to you some of the best locations. As the two of you get closer and closer, you can later leave the crowd for a more secluded place and ask the big question.

To make your proposal a success, don’t leave anything unplanned. Book in advance and you may even obtain a discount.

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