4 Money-Saving Tips for an Affordable Europe Trip

Though the days when Italy was cheap or idyllic place for countless treasures and good food have passed, there are many inexpensive approaches to enjoy your tour. You can have even more fun with these money-saving tips. If you plan things accordingly, you can save money on sightseeing, activities, transportation, and other stuff.


Room prices will be much lower during off season; you can get to stay in a luxury city for much lower price than peak season. You should book in advance if you’re going during peak season. Slight delay can increase your accommodation expense.

Let’s say you are looking for a hotel with wifi in Chamonix, the resort town near the junction of Italy, France and Switzerland, and then you’ll find plenty of options. Many hotels here offer facilities like free WiFi, complimentary breakfast etc. However, you got to check out if there are any special deals before getting in. Shopping online for hotel rooms is much easier in Europe. Plan in advance to get the best deals on multinational chain four-star hotel.

Know When to Visit

The climate is not perfect here always; off-season can offer you great airfare savings and you can get to stay in five star hotels for the same price as 3 stars or low. Moreover, you don’t have to reserve hotel rooms or other activities three-months in advance. The crowd will be less during non-peak season and you can get to visit crowd-free places. Sept-Oct and May-June are the pleasant months, as climate will be good.

Save Money on Food

You can find reasonably priced menu at most restaurants that offer big meal for lower price. You can also try food in grocery stores and open air markets. If breakfast is not provided at the hotel you stay, go to small local blocks for pastry and coffee. House wines are inexpensive here! Take advantage of excellent food stores and bakeries to save more.

In this way, you can save money, without compromising the fun element during your Europe trip and make the most out of every dime spent.

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