7 Tips for Relocating From Japan within Budget

Shifting from one country to another is always a hassle. There are endless things to plan, but one of the major tasks is to shift the belongings and stuff. If you are moving from Japan to any other country, there are some things that would eventually matter. In this post, we have enlisted seven tips that may come handy.


  1. First and foremost, consider the value and weight of your shipment before choosing a mode of service. Most people assume that flights are more expensive than sea shipping, which isn’t always the case.
  2. There are some amazing professional services that can help in the shifting process. If you think you don’t have the time to deal with the packing, loading and other tasks, it is best to get an expert company for the job.
  3. The air freight charges are usually decided by two factors – volumetric weight and actual weight. For example, if the shipment is too large in size but has limited weight, the airline may still charge a big amount for their services.
  4. When it comes to services, it is best to check the prices for both ship and air, and if the costs are closer to one another, air is a better choice. After the shipment has reached the destination, you will have to pay less for the additional movement and may find better services at the airports.
  5. If you look around, you will find plenty of Japanese shipping companies, but it is best to take the route of personal clearance at the custom after the shipment has reached. Local brokers often end up charging more, and for door-to-door services, the costs are quite high. Also, door-to-door services often don’t get away with the jargons related to the custom department. In some countries, customers have to come to the custom for clearance.
  6. While packing services are available, it is best to pack things on your own. As needed, you can easily buy packing materials. Also, if you don’t need some of the goods right away, Japanese storage facilities are better and cheaper as compared to what you may find at the destination.
  7. Finally, it doesn’t make sense to get large goods shifted, unless you are taking something authentic from the country. Apart from the shipment cost, you will have to pay for handling, which can increase the final price.

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