Backpacking Around the World

No problem to explore the world as a backpacker – Easy way for Traveling and More fun3

Don’t worry about lodging and other things that if you want to travel to foreign countries. As young and have sufficient funds, go travel to interesting places around the world. All started from a dream and it could come true if you have the determination and clear purpose. If your budget is limited, you can travel as a backpacker. I think that traveling this way is more fun and can be a wonderful experience because we can explore as many possible places where we go unmolested by the rigid schedule.

Don’t Worry about Your Hotel

One classic problem is the place to stay during our trip. Do not worry, now many hotels and inns for the backpackers with room rates are very cheap. Everywhere you go to the corner of the world; as a backpacker you will find hotels and inns easily such as cheap rooms available in most towns around the world.

Sometimes if a particular season such as school holidays or public holiday, you must book a room in advance by online or by phone so that you do not get stuck in a place without lodging. Most hotels offer private rooms and dormitories. Private rooms are usually offered a bed singles, twins or doubles and have some of the triple.

Youth hostels are an alternative that could be considered to be selected as an inn for traveling. Youth hostel is basically a form of shared accommodation for travelers who offers private or dormitory rooms at an affordable price. Today no difference in facilities with star hotels except in price; many budget hotels are equipped with internet facilities, laundry and free breakfast.


Some Useful Tips for you as a backpacker:

  • Always bring your student card, in case you get a special discount when checking in a hotel or buy tickets at the resorts.
  • Passport, driving license and other identification cards should be well guarded. Therefore, please bring a small bag that can be hung on your belt so your important document always carried with ease.
  • For your comfort during the long journey on a bus, take a pillow so you can sleep comfortably.
  • Don’t forget and recheck your Backpack, Walking Shoes, Socks and Underwear, Long Underwear, Pillow Case, Sleeping Bag, Passport, Spy Wallet, Day Pack, and Camera.
  • Expand your horizons with a plan to go backpacking trip you more exciting and fun.

Remember! Planning is so trivial in the home will be a very complicated thing when you are in a strange place. So make a good plan well before your departure so that your journey will be easier.

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