Be Closer to Nature in Athens

Someone truly said if there is a true embodiment of heaven on earth, then it has to be the wonderful, mystical land of Greece. Surrounded by the vast and beautiful Mediterranean, Greece has a perfect blend of aquatic and terrestrial life that co-exist in optimal harmony. The country is steeped in rich medieval history and that provides the perfect backdrop to explore this wonderment of human treasures. Tourism is one of the primary revenue contributors for the country and there are a zillion things that can be enjoyed once you are here in Greece to be captivated by its delightful gaze.

Athens, the capital of Greece, has the best spots one shouldn’t miss.



I know what you are thinking? What can be so great about a zoo? Imagine a situation when you close your eyes, you get the feeling that you are walking free in a dense jungle and you can hear the chatter of birds, the screeches of monkey and the eerie stillness that preludes a predator approaching you with deft footwork. That is the beauty of the Attica Zoo. It just doesn’t feel like one. Initially started as a bird Sanctuary, the Zoo now has over 2000 animals and over 400 different species of birds, mammals, and reptiles.


The animals are well taken care of and look happy to interact with humans. Most of the birds actually come near the cages and ask to be petted which was a pleasant surprise for me. I have always found reptiles to be obnoxious and I am pretty sure they reciprocate the same feelings, but the reptiles looked merrier than usual. The star attraction is the Dolphin Show and you must not miss this very reasonable and all in all a great event.



We all had a phase in school where we used to dread the learning of new scientific concepts and the ill-fated examinations that followed. We all wanted a time machine to go back in time to murder Einstein, Newton, and Galileo. Well, the planetarium provides the perfect backdrop for learning, but in an extremely fun and exciting way. The interactive digital space travel is excellent and keeps us engaged and is a very fascinating way of impressing toddlers. Don’t miss this fun ride.


We all love some quiet time and enjoy the experience of solitude once in a while. Well the NEA Smirni Grove could be the perfect retreat for you and your family. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this locale provides the perfect backdrop for a fun and quiet family picnic. Do not miss this while you’re here in Athens.


Finally, we have the star kid’s attraction on the adventure front. The Allou Fun Park provides a holistic view of what children of all age groups define as fun. Although it is not limited to kids in any way, they are the most impatient bunch of the lot. With a wide variety of games and recreational activities, it keeps you engaged all day long. Pamper your kids by taking them here.


Redefine your definition of a holiday by travelling to Athens. I can guarantee you your entire perspective of a vacation is going to get molded over here. For best results rent a car once you reach Athens.

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