Between Europeand Asia: two faces of Turkey

Turkey is a country that represent in a perfect way the concept of multiculturality and Arabic culture. The beautiful Cappadocia, the country of four seas, the nexus between two continents, gathers such a diversity difficult to find in other places.

That is why if we like the charms of this bridge to Orient, we shouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of luxury packages holidays to Turkey to know the two sides of the coin; two faces of a country with occidental future, but warmly embracing a reach oriental legacy.  How can we notice it when we are visiting Turkey?

Crossing the Bosporus bridge

We find the first big Turkish contrast in Istanbul. City of mosques is the entry door from Europe to Asia through a unique bridge: Bosporus bridge. An elegant suspension bridge over the strait with the same name joining together European and Asian coasts.

Walking across this peculiar bridge is part of the essential touristic pack while visiting Istanbul. We can also enjoy of the big bazaar, the blue mosque or Saint

Sailing through the Golden Horn

Bosporus bridge is located over the traditionally called Golden Horn: an astonishing estuary which is a beautiful natural harbor placed in the point where the strait leads to Marmara Sea. There, we find one of the best sunsets we can watch while travelling around the planet.

Taking a bath in the four seas’ coast

Turkey is a geographic-privileged country: we can enjoy of a varied orography with mountains ranges, deserts and dense forests. Additionally, it is surrounded by four seas: Mediterranean, Aegean, Marmara and Black Sea.

Each of these seas offer unique landscapes and experiences such as visiting Antalya cliffs in Mediterranean Sea with its beaches hided between falls and rocks. Smyrna, the most westernized place in the Aegean, and finally Istanbul being again the nexus between Marmara and Black Sea.

Flying over Cappadocia

Cappadocia region has great views we can enjoy if we fly over it by balloon. This is a unique experience to know an area that take us far away from The West to amaze us with millenary landscapes completely full of culture. Its houses and different buildings dug in the mountain will remind us the magnificence of Petra in Jordan.

Ephesus: an outdoors museum

Cappadocia not only remind us to Petra, but also to Europe’s cradle, Greece; and Christianism cradle, Jerusalem. Both are perfectly represented in Ephesus ruins, which are the best preserved remains in the world. There, we can find great cultural jewels such as Temple of Artemis, which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Sumela Monastery: Turkish Montserrat

We are now finishing this tour full of contrasts between European and Asiatic cultures that meet in Turkey. Our last stop is Sumela, on the northeast of this wonderful country. There, we find a monastery with shapes and size similar to Montserrat Monestery, located in Barcelona.

It was built over a cliff at 1200 meters high and it worships according to orthodox Greek religion. This is really strange, because we are in a rural region far away from Aegean coast.


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