Cheap Flights To Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, the heart of Morocco, what a beautiful place full of sun, and things to do for the whole family. You may believe flights cost Earth, they can do, but if you know where you go you will be fine, in this article we sum up the cheapest flights to Marrakech Menara Airport from a number (4) of popular airports in the United Kingdom.

London Heathrow Marrakech ( 1 Adult Departing 02/11/16 Returning 09/11/16 )

17:10-23:15 (6h 5m) £271.50 Royal Air Maroc. 1 Stop

London Gatwick-Marrakech ( 1 Adult Departing 02/11/16 Returning 09/11/16 )15:12-21:25 (6h 10m) £242.31 Royal Air Maroc. 1 Stop

Manchester Marrakech ( 1 Adult Departing 02/11/16 Returning 09/11/16 )17:55-13:30 (19h 35m) £349.04 Lufthansa. 1 Stop

London Stansted Marrakech ( 1 Adult Departing 02/11/16 Returning 09/11/16 )19:40-13:30 (17h 50m) £554.80 Royal Air Maroc. 2 Stops

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As you can see the prices vary, this could be for a number of reasons, for example, the ETAs you may think this a bit silly but some people do actually want to arrive at 2:30 am. This could also be because of the number of stops I personally don’t mind how many times I stop, I would happily go on holiday to Mexico for £20 and stop off 46 times, you could even go as far to say it is the airline. People tend to feel safer on big brands like British Airways or Jet2 etc. The airport and distance play a massive part in the cost of obvious reasons if I plan needs to fly for a short period of time that is not going to cost as much as if a plane flies across the world, generally you don’t need to worry about the little prices chances because if you lived in manchester getting to London Gatwick would cost you a lot in train fare or fuel and pricing, my best advice is to travel from your nearest airport.

It also may help to book on a Tuesday, no joke it is cheaper, also if you fly out after 6pm it gets a little cheaper. If you book early like anything it’s cheaper a study has shown that if you book in just 53 days in advance you can net yourself a 29 per cent saving. The cheapest seat yes this is a thing, is the one next to the door it falls by a whopping 17.5 per cent this could be because you don’t want to be that guy who killed hundreds because you could not open the door in an emergency but lets face it, it is probably not going to happen as flying is the safest way to travel. Other cheap seats are the ones at the back, I do not know why these are cheap but it falls by 10.2 per cent, my guess is that it is because you will be off of the plane last and you may this other flights because of this, so the way to get the cheapest ticket is to go on a Tuesday at the front of the plane on a small airline after 6pm. Hopefully, this will help you with booking your next flight, you may not be able to get all of these factors in, but try to get most of them and you will be laughing

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