Cultural holidays in Europe Where to go?

Planning some cultural holidays during this summer in Europe? Luckily the old continent is full of history and culture so probably the most difficult part will be choosing where to go. You should first think of sites with a special charm and true artistic and monumental jewels. But also local culture and gastronomy, among other things, of the inhabitants of the places that you are going to visit. Here are some options for you to start dreaming about your cultural vacations:

Barcelona – Spain

This is one of the most popular destinations when travelling around Europe. Why? Because this city and its surroundings gather more or less anything a tourist would be looking for. Incredible architecture, culture, gastronomy and history at the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

No wander why tourists from all over the world rent holiday apartments in Barcelona in order to enjoy some days of this charming city. Moreover, the cultural scene is so active you will always find something going on, like many of the international music festivals that this city hosts every year.


Even if it’s always been an unknown country, more tourists chose this beautiful country as their destination, combining the beauty of cities such as Krakow or historical monuments such as the Royal Palace of Warsaw with Lazienky Park and its Beautiful lake. In addition, this country has the sadly known Auschwitz concentration camp, which will remind us of a dark stage in the history of Europe.


Istanbul is a gem not to be missed, but Turkey is not only made up of this beautiful city. If you choose to visit this beautiful country this summer, you will be enchanted by the so-called fairy chimneys, caverns, underground cities and endless labyrinths. Moreover, we must not forget the beauty of the capital where you can enjoy authentic wonders, with Saint Sophia or the Blue Mosque. And if you like to haggle… This is, without a doubt, a perfect country for you! You will find numerous bazaars where you can buy almost anything.

French Brittany and the Loire Valley

North of Paris, this region will transport you to another era. Its villages seem to be drawn from children’s stories and its castles will surprise you, both for its architecture and its perfect state of conservation in many cases. What you shouldn’t miss in any case is the famous Saint Michel Benedictine abbey, a jewel of Gothic style built between the XI and XVI centuries. It’s nestled on a huge rock, surrounded by the sand that is covered with the impressive effect of the tides.


It’s one of the destinations for cultural routes that have become more popular in recent years. Bucharest and the Monastery of Coiza, Sibiu, the mysterious Transylvania and its cities full of monumental wealth or the salt mines of Turda, one of the largest and most spectacular in the world, are just a few of the wonders that you can enjoy in this charming country.

Europe has many more cultural routes to choose from, these are just some. Take your time and find the right one for you!

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