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An ancient city off the coast of Ionia is another hot tourist destination in Turkey and is an ideal charming destination. Situated near what is modern-day Selcuk, the excavated ruins reveal the city’s touch with classical Greece to Roman Empire.

Places of Attraction

The places of attraction in Ephesus are abundant. Established as a port, it was a great commercial center in ancient trading times and later on became a Christian religious site as well. The House of Virgin Mary, where Mary may have said to spend her last days and other important places like the Basilica of St. John and one of the Seven Wonders of the World The Temple of Artemis are also one of the most famous tourist destinations among all visitors.


The other places, which entice travelers, include Library of Celsus, the Church of Mary, Isa Bey Mosque, The Seven Sleepers, Ephesus Museum and more. There are also local markets worth visiting. Other than sights, food, and Turkish delicacies are an absolute favorite amongst the tourists.

Tour Packages for you

Many Ephesus tour packages are available. You can choose to have a visit according to yours time and budget. The simple Full Day Ephesus Sightseeing Tour costs around  $82.11. The call to explore the ruins of Ephesuas including the Temple of Artemis, along with the Fountains of Trojan and much more. There are also other tour packages available as a Private Day tour or small group tour for $112.90 and $60.56 respectively. A day or two is enough to complete all the sights in and around Ephesus.

Best points About the Tour

There are a lot of significant features of Ephesus tour as the expectations about traversing Ephesus is always high as many tourists have found the place to be full of unexplored ruins and The Temple of Artemis never falls short of holding the awe of people even after centuries.

Built over the rubble and rubbles of the first Temple of Artemis, it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. All of Ephesus’s history is prominently displayed in Ephesus Museum. The Seven Sleepers are tombs of seven men who as the story goes is said to have been either trapped inside the cave avoiding trial or might have been buried alive by the Roman Emperor Decius for being Christians.

The Church of Mary is said to have been the dying place of Mary you can see it in your Ephesus day tours. Isa Bey Mosque is one of its kinds with asymmetrical windows and doors whose purpose to have been built so is still a mystery. Experience and soulful travel come together to form a world of joy for tourists.

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