Hatta Mountain Safari Tour- Explore the Uniquely Adventurous Beauty of Hatta Mountain

Showcasing the record-breaking structures of modern day architecture and advanced technology in the urbanized location, while maintaining the striking beauty of sandy beaches, hot deserts, refreshing water springs and strong mountains intact, Dubai has to offer all at one place. Surely, Dubai Desert Safari is captured the attention of adventure seekers who find delight and pleasure in exciting expeditions and out of their comfort zone. For anyone who is interested in exploring the more natural and wilder terrain of Dubai, then surely you will have a blast of joy and fun in Hatta Mountain Safari tour.

Hatta Mountain Tour- An Adventurous Gateway in the City of Gold

Hatta mountain is solely an incredible example of the diverse natural beauty of nature. Exploration through the rustic charm of the Hajar mountains, located on the east side of United Arab Emirates, to the refreshing cool springs of water to dive in, the Hatta mountain safari covers it all. Well, if you want to see the most mesmerizing natural beauty of nature that Dubai has to offer than Hatta safari is the most appealing option to go for. With the bumpy dips and dives across the sand dunes, thrilling rides, revitalizing and astonishingly cool pools and springs of water, this safari holds an edge over others. Such wonderful characteristics and startling features make Hatta mountain tour a must. Definitely, Hatta mountain tour is a classy, fun, and thrilling gateway.

Exclusive Hatta Mountain Tour Deals

Experiencing the rustic charisma of such a splendid majestic beauty of nature adorned with the lush green landscaping alongside, and magnificently cool and uplifting water springs, all come at an incredibly affordable price. You can choose from a number of different options listed below along with desert safari rates, to experience the adventurous expedition of a lifetime,

  • Deal 1: 4 persons can enjoy Hatta Tour at 140 dirhams/ person
  • Deal 2: 6 persons can enjoy Hatta Tour at 125 dirhams/ person
  • Deal 1: 12 persons can enjoy Hatta Tour at 110 dirhams/ person
  • Deal 1: more than 30 persons can enjoy Hatta Tour at 100 dirhams/ person

What’s Included in the Hatta Mountain Safari!

A lot! An exclusive range of a variety of services, fun activities, and delectable refreshments are offered in the Hatta mountain tour. One of the most admirable highlights of this tour is the relaxing visit to the Hatta Heritage Village. The customary architecture of residential places, monuments, and historic buildings is maintained in its actual art form that date backs to the 16th century, thus making it an attractive spot for history lovers. So what else,

  • Pick and drop from your hotel
  • Exploration and deep learning about Hatta Heritage Village
  • A visit to Hatta Fort Hotel, exploring the history, architecture and constructional design
  • Swimming in the fresh springs and water pools
  • An extended tour across humongous mountains and beautiful wadis
  • Amazing spots for natural photography
  • Lunch at a hotel

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