Here’s What to See in Venice As A First Time Visitor

Venice is the city of romantic canals, whose lush architecture amazes eager tourists. The vibe of the city also qualifies as an attraction point, since what is more romantic than enjoying a gondola ride? The city boasts with a unique combination of monuments of arts and architecture, as well as historical monuments and sites.

Discover the city without a map

Before mentioning some of the most important sites you shouldn’t miss during your first visit to the city, we advise you to get lost in the city. Nothing compares to wandering without having a definite destination in mind, in this romantic city filled with winding alleys and ancient canals.Image result for Here’s What to See in Venice As A First Time Visitor

Before considering visiting a museum or famous landmark, it’s important to experience the feel and rhythm of the city. Also, dare to get away from the most crowded places, even though they are representative of the city and its history, Venice is similar to a treasure that has something valuable to offer when you least expect it.

St Mark’s Square and Basilica

Heading to St. Mark’s Square, when in Venice, is inevitable, since it’s the core of the city. Nonetheless, it would be ideal visiting the plaza when the crowds of tourists aren’t present, which is early in the morning or late in the evening. The view is definitely spectacular, and you can feel the stillness and grandeur of the place. Of course, during the day, the place is filled with color and activity.

St. Mark’s Basilica is, by far, one of the most spectacular religious sites in Europe. The exterior is the ultimate definition of magnitude, while the interior is covered in mosaics. This is a must-stop, particularly since visiting the church is free of charge.

The Top of the Campanile

Even though you can enjoy a fantastic view over the city from the roof of St Mark’s Basilica, a view that is definitely spectacular is the one from the top of the Campanile. From there, you can admire the far-reaching view that includes the Piazza and Basilica as well. That’s a view you don’t see on a regular basis.  

The Grand Canal

You couldn’t visit Venice and not include the Grand Canal on your itinerary. Recognized as Venice’s main artery, this is the place to admire some of the most beautiful Venezzi palazzi (Venetian palaces) which illustrate unique architectural characteristics. Take the time to admire the Venetian details of the buildings.

Reliable Venice Airport Transfers

Although visiting a city for the first time is a fantastic experience, going to a new place means being clueless about what you need to do and where you ought to go. Hence, to avoid getting lost with your luggage, or traveling with an overcrowded means of transportation, pre-booking your airport transfers will aid you to avoid these. That is recommended to save time and money, since you can obtain a favorable rate, not to mention that you know the approximate price of the journey in advance.

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