How To Get The Most Of Kayak And Canoe Tours?

By using a kayak or canoe, you will be able to explore a swamp in the best possible way. New Orleans is a great destination and there are various tour operators who will fulfill your outdoor traveling needs for adventure in the best possible way. By using a kayak, you can get a deeper experience. You will not face any risk with alligators as the guide will help you explore the site by following the safety guidelines. Mainly, keeping a safe distance from all wildlife. You will vie guided into the swamp by a well trained guide using the latest kayaking and paddling equipment.


As a matter of fact, kayak tours are less expensive than swamp tour boats and they are also cheaper than airboats. It’s no wonder why one of the best swamp tours in New Orleans is a kayaking company. Based on the quality information offered on the website as well as reviews presented by past clientele, this outfitter is one of the premiere outdoor adventure tours in the Crescent City. Swamp tours are located about 40 minutes from New Orleans. You will go through the bayous and rivers which have shaped the natural history of Louisiana. The narrated kayak trip will help you to get acquainted with the local history and culture. If there are larger groups, private tours will be arranged by the tour operator. 

The guided Louisiana swamp tours are a great way to explore the beautiful swamps surrounding New Orleans. Tours are available throughout the day. You can choose the most appropriate tour for your friends and family members schedule. If you would like to save money, you can always meet onsite at the launch or look for a coupon code via the website. Most of New Orleans attractions can be covered with the Swamp pass, which is available. The top 16 things in French Quarter will be highlighted on your guided tour. You can complete each of the tours in about 2-3 hours. Escaping the chaos of Bourbon Street and seeing the swamps is very relaxing and a great break in everyone’s vacation.

You can spend the rest of your great afternoon at Garden District. By using the map and taking the information from your guide, the tour can be accomplished in a perfect way. You will be able to visit the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 as well. A car or bike can be used to visit this place and you can self-guide yourself through Magazine Street stopping to look at old homes. The second oldest neighborhood in New Orleans, Algiers Point can be visited which is on the Mississippi bank’s river. The other tours which can be accomplished as per your convenience include plantation tours, food tours and riverboat cruise.

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