How to retouch a photo with Movavi

Retouching a photo can make the photo usable without you having to spend time in retaking the photo. For example, you took a photo of a small village but you found out afterwards that there are some unwanted power lines that appear across the photo. Retouching a photo can also restore back a photo that you accidentally spill some stain over it. Photo editor software like Movavi Photo Editor allows you to remove imperfections that exist on the photo so that it will look like a clean photo that is shot by a professional photographer.

Movavi Photo Editor features a powerful retouch tool called object removal tool that allows you to delete blemishes that appear on the photo. When you open the object removal tab, the first thing you should do is to click the brush button in the selection tools. Next, you must click on the object that you want to remove and start painting it in red with the brush tool. You can enable the lasso tool to prevent painting the unwanted object outside of the dotted line. To paint faster, you can increase the brush size by dragging the slider to the right or entering a bigger value in the text box. Get more details at .

In the object removal panel, there is a variation slider that allows you to determine how areas of the deleted item will be filled. If you choose a low variation level, it will fill the area with the pattern of the nearby objects. If you choose a high variation level, the area will be filled based on the pattern in the entire image. You can adjust the variation level to see what works best.

You can use the red brush tool to pain on more than one objects that you want to delete from the photo. The time it takes to delete the selected objects you depend on the number of objects you have selected and the complexity of the objects. The more objects you select and the more complex is the object, the more time it will take for the software to process and delete these unwanted objects.

You can click the start erasing button to delete all the objects you select at once. Alternatively, you can click the trash can button on top to delete each object that you select with the red brush tool one by one. The Revert All Changes button allows you to undo all the changes that have been made onto the photo so that you don’t have to load the photo into the software again.

The image adjustment tab contains the a set of standard tools that consists of several sliders for you to adjust the photo. You can make adjustment on several parameters to improve the color balance on the photo. At the bottom, you will see a histogram that shows how the color is being distributed in the photo. The histogram aims to help you in make adjustment on the color balance so that you can achieve better result on the photo in the photo editing.

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