Know about the undiscovered island: a trip to Albania

There are so many places in this world that are waiting for getting discovered. Albania is one of those undiscovered islands that is still waiting for coming in highlight. However, Albania is slowly becoming a favorite traveler hotspot in Europe. Until the 1990s, Albania was possibly the most isolated country on the earth. But slowly, things have started changing and now people are getting more familiar with this country. The main reason behind the increasing rate of travelers is its perfect mix of modernity and traditional values with breathtaking scenery. The cities in Albania are most beautiful cities you have ever seen in your life, and so are towns and monuments.

For visiting Albania, you got two choices either you to take flight directly to Tirana or you can choose its neighboring country like Kosovo and Montenegro. If you are thinking about driving then it’s better to drive through Bari in Italy. Everything about the Albania is beautiful and simple; noting is too tricky or fancy. Its simplicity and raw texture is one of the reasons for catching an eye of the travelers. Here are some roundup best cities that you can visit when you are planning about travel in Albania.Image result for Know about the undiscovered island: a trip to Albania


Lin is one of the most beautiful places where you must visit. It’s beautiful and stunning lakeside location is the major reason behind its popularity. You will see some pretty villages with beautiful beaches where you can enjoy your day with your family and friends. Lin is basically a small peninsula on west Lake Ohrid. One of the most beautiful things in Lin is the beautiful lake that separates two countries i.e. Albania and Macedonia.


Theth is an isolated place in Albania but there are so many things to see and to know. When you enter in this town, you will see the tower of Nikoll Koçeku. Not only this, you will also find a beautiful waterfall and dramatic Grunas canyon and also an amazing national park.


If you are a big fan of architecture and museums, than Korça is a perfect place for you. This city is one of the largest cities in Albania with eye catching natural beauty. You can find so many museums and grand architecture that will leave you in awe. Korça is a place where you can learn more about the culture and heritage of Albania; its magnificent beauty has attracted lots of travelers in past few years.


Shkodra is one of the oldest cities in Albania. It’s one of the most beautiful things is that it is located on lake Shkodra, the point where three different rivers meet. Being an oldest city, there are so many things to see related to Albania’s ancient time like you can visit Ebu Beker mosque, kratul and Mes Bridge. Don’t forget to visit Rozafa castle, a former Illyrian and also one of the grand attractions for a traveler.

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