Learn to Fly in the Temora Aviation Center

Do you have plans to visit Australia and have dreams to pursue your career in aviation? Then visit the Temora aviation museum that was launched in late 90’s and based on the warbird aircraft founded by David Lowy. He’s the President and Initiator of the aviation museum. The museum has room for many ex-military aircraft which ranges from the 2nd world war to the Vietnam War.

The Temora NSW holds the aircraft shows that displays on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. It allows the visitors to have an interactive and in-depth experience in the Museum’s aircraft.  The aviation museum hosts the historical aircraft from the royal Australian air force like F/A-18 Hornet.

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History behind the aviation museum

Temora has a rich history associated with the aviation history and the royal Australian air force sets up the elementary flying training institute in the year 1941. The institute was the longest and largest school established under the guidance of Empire aircraft training during the 2nd World War. Around 15,000 people were involved in the elementary flying training institute and more than 2500 aviators were trained.

After the 2nd World War, Temora didn’t stop the aviation heritage and became the recommended airfield for many activities. That included gliding, aerobatics, parachuting, model air crafting, and ultra-light aircraft operations.

Words about the founder

Sydney-based businessman named David Lowy created the Temora aviation museum releasing the hidden features on his land. It has a rich history related to the aviation, weather that’s suitable for the aircraft training session, local cooperative committee, uninhibited air space which is below 15-20,000 feet, and flat territory.

About the museum

Temora aviation museum was initiated in the year 1999 and at the point of construction and the facilities provided, where a governing committee was designed.  David Lowy donated the first aircraft to the museum for the collection and the first hangar was accomplished in the month of February 2000. The museum was officially launched to the public in June at the same year.

The museum includes exhibition buildings, theater, children’s playground, picnic area, display space, and gift shop. In the year 2002, the 3rd stage museum was completed with 1980 square meter hangar, where the main display hangar became the place to showcase the aircraft. The original hangar was customized and restored for a maintenance issue.

Warbirds show

The show features most of the Temora aviation museum aircraft, such as RAAF F/A-18 Hornets, Catalina, RAAF Roulettes, and much more. The Recent airshow was organized on 2nd November in the year 2013 which had a successful inaugural.  

Educational benefits offered by the Temora aviation museum

The aviation arts center offers interactive educational study packages to create a challenging career and learn the history associated with the aviation. These programs are lectured by the ex-military aircraft professional that makes the students to get engaged with the relevant subject.

The programs will be included in the Temora NSW syllabus and which will be soon updated to the new Australian education syllabus.


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