Luxury pontoon boat Manufacturers: Not Your Father’s Pontoon Boats

luxury pontoon boat manufacturers have made these vessels more and more appealing to a higher end market. They’ve done in through quality construction, new design features, better performance, and a choice of amenities that dad would have loved. Welcome to the world of upscale pontoon boats and the amazing options they now offer. These are not your father’s pontoon boats.

Better than Furniture-Quality Seating

Luxury pontoon boat manufacturers have taken luxurious and comfortable seating to the next level with overstuffed, adjustable lounge seating passengers and pilot will appreciate. Armrests and cup holders just aren’t enough anymore. The caressing choices are built for comfort.Image result for Luxury pontoon boat Manufacturers: Not Your Father's Pontoon Boats

Styling that Impresses

Today’s luxury pontoon boats are designed with style in mind. They are created to be attractive to the eye and senses. Pulling up to the dock or your favorite seaside restaurant is sure to draw at least a few “oohs” and ahhs”.

A Choice of “Floorplans”

Luxury pontoon boat manufacturers are offering consumers more choices than ever when it comes to the boat’s layout. Choose a boat with extensive seating or for plenty of open space for fishing or grilling. How will you be using your luxury pontoon boat? There’s a floor plan to suit your needs. 

Advanced Technology

From GPS to new connectivity options, you may be surprised at what you’ll find on these exceptional craft. Premium sound systems, speakers, LED lighting, Blue Tooth technology, depth finders and fish finders are just the start of the technological advances in luxury pontoons. You will always know where you are and where you are going. You’ll also know you’ve chosen the best way to get there.  

Options Galore

Do you want a built-in grill or cooking station? Maybe you want an onboard refrigerator. Would the family enjoy a second floor sundeck or a waterslide?  If you can imagine it, it is likely available from one luxury pontoon boat manufacturer or another. Like high-end recreational vehicles, there are options to suit your family’s needs and budget.

Fuel Efficiency and Performance

Just because you can afford a more luxurious pontoon boat doesn’t mean you want to waste fuel. Upscale pontoon boats are being designed to be more fuel efficient  to perform well on the water. Your father never would have mentioned “performance” and “pontoon boat” in the same sentence, but pull back on that throttle and you will. Modern luxury pontoon boats can almost fly, if that is your desire.

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