New books to read while traveling

As an avid traveler-reader, I have been quite diligent in my reading through various genres from fictions to romances and other non-fictions during my travels. However, lately, I have been engrossed with romance– second chance romance and romantic comedies to be more specific with the requirement of an optimistic ending!As they say, romance novels came into existence for the ladies!

As a lady, I gathered a lot of experience from all of those romantic novels and fictions to develop my life in the real time. What to expect, what not to expect, how the love life should be and could be, these romance novels became the role model and standard for numerous decision making regarding the love life.For me, the conflicts, the romantic setting, the development of the relationships, and the climaxes can make an evening better with a cup of coffee!

In the beginning, I got drawn to this particular genre with pure imaginations on love and romantic aspects for a dreamy story line of prince charming and how he save the day lady in love. Be that as it may, my experience with a series of romance fictions taught me a lot of priceless lessons.

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At the outset, I would like to say that, romance novels helped me understanding the love, respect, sacrifice and other aspects of relationships to a much deeper echelon. A romance fiction, by its nature, tells us about the love, the forgiveness, the concern, the reverence and other imperative virtues. It, more often than not, represents the good, the bad and the ugliness of the human nature when it comes to relationships. And the nature of love and devotion differs on the basis of the background,upbringing, experience, and belief of the author.

Then again, the characters taught me a lot of lessons on how to see things and what to expect from the relationships. They also gave me a profound understanding of the mistakes and how to discover and mature from those mistakes.

I am not a prejudiced reader. On one hand, I read classics of Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Margaret Mitchell, and Nora Roberts and on the other hand, I read a lot of eBooks while traveling that can be found on Amazon and Kindle bookstore. I always try to visualize the perspective of the new authors.

Recently, I came across an author named KaSefika and her creations. And when I was prying out on the nature and plot of the books, I found out that thanks to her experience with life and she became somewhat of a feminist and now she writes on love, psychological crimes, spirituality and other related issues from the perspective of a girl. For instance, I read one of her books titled, ‘The Bloody Foreigner’, where the story is dedicated to immigrants. The twists, the turns, with the love and magic in the universe were delightfully illustrated.

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