Next travelling stop for travelers: Ooty

Ooty also known as udhagamandalam or ootacamund, it’s a small town in Tamil nadu and also one of the popular hill stations that located near niligri hills. According to tourism statistics it’s a place where thousands of travelers visit across all over the country. Ooty also have an interesting history, it was one of the famous areas that come under of east India Company and maybe that’s why ooty has an amazing development as compare to other nearby places. Not only for tourism sector. Ooty is used for shooting numerous Bollywood as well as foreign movies. Apart from that, ooty is also plays a great role in manufacturing medicines, spices and other things as well. The main reason behind the great attraction of travelers toward this town is its simplicity and peaceful environments. Ooty can be changed according to the time like you can see the nightlife and natural beauty at same place. It’s a great destination for planning your trip especially if you want a break from your hectic life schedule and noise of the city.Image result for Next travelling stop for travelers: Ooty

How can you visit in ooty and where you can stay?

You can visit ooty in bus, train and flight. Well you can take connecting flights or if you want to enjoy the beautiful journey more closely then you can do road trip too. But make sure that you have map and knowledge about the climate. As you know ooty is a hill station, so the climate changes very quickly.

For travelers, there are various facilities that provided for saying purpose like you can stay at lake view ooty, basically it’s a resort with amazing views. But if you think that it’s too expensive for you then don’t worry, ooty have lot more things for you, you can book budgets ooty hotels at low and affordable price.

What you can do in ooty besides visiting in different places?

Apart from breathe taking views and colorful sceneries, there are lots more things that you can do and enjoy. Like if you are a shopaholic then ooty is more than a heaven for you. You can buy so many things like ooty’s spices, delicious handmade chocolates, cheese, herbal tea etc. If you are a big pizza lover than you should visit c- store, it’s a mom made food factory, you will get yummiest and mouthwatering food with homemade flavors that you will never forget.

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