People Who Can Apply ForeTA Canada

Well, any native resident of major European countries can apply for eta Canada, but are they the only one? Not exactly and there are others, who have equal rights to get their Canadian visa approved by team of experts. Persons who have admitted to the USA for permanent residence lawfully can apply for the visa too. Other than that, holder of travel document or passport as applied from Holy See or holder of Israeli national passport can apply for visa too. Other people are holder of passport from Hong Kong Special administrative area and people with passport as issued by UK to British National, to name a few.

Passport is essential:

If you check out the points mentioned above, you can be clear of one thing. You need to have a valid and documented passport before you apply for eta Canada. You cannot present details of an outdated passport as that will be considered as null. So, it is mandatory for you to get along with a passport first before you jump for the first step to avail an eTA Visa. Other than the people mentioned above, even holder of ordinary passport as issued by Ministry of Foreign affairs Taiwan is eligible to opt for the visa procedure.

Help in every step:

Is this your first time trying to get a visa online before traveling to Canada? If so, then the steps might prove to be quite confusing at first. You do not have to worry as the methods are written in easy language in English or German. You don’t have to be a pro to get hold of these steps. Still, if you find it difficult to follow, then contact the online personnel for help. The person is trained to help people like you when in distress and offer considerate help.

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