Places to go for your one-day trip from Prague

It should come as no surprise that Prague is the first place people think of when the Czech Republic is the topic of discussion; it is a gorgeous, monumental, and iconic city. However, most people who visit Prague usually spend most of their time in Old Town, yet the Czech Republic has a lot more to offer aside from the flamboyant capital of Prague. It is also very easy to get to most of these places, which is why they are perfect for a one day trip from Prague.

  1.    Cesky Krumlov

The venerated cobblestones of Cesky Krumlov just might win you over in addition to the incredibly colorful views of the town, particularly in the fall. There is a small possibility that you will encounter snow if you visit during winter but there is the advantage of encountering fewer tourists.

  1.    Vysocina

The name, meaning highlands in Czech, gives you all that and more. The rolling hills found in Vysocina are dotted with ponds and forests and speckled with lush fields of wheat and grass and quaint towns. You will find past relics scattered into Vysocina’s rolling and rustic landscape such as towers, walled towns, churches, and multiple castles all of which have tested the waters of time. There are three UNESCO Heritage sites in Vysocina namely the Telc old town center, Zdar’s star-shaped pilgrimage church, and Trebic’s cataclysmic Jewish Quarter.

  1.    Karlovy Vary

This lovely town is well-known throughout Central and Eastern Europe for its thermal baths and its hot springs that have ensured a steady boost in tourism for the town. The hot springs may be what brings you to this town but the peaceful environment and the breathtaking architecture will keep you in Karlovy Vary. Walk around the town to take in the town’s ambience, for some great views and gentle hiking head into the hills around the town and wrap up the day with a relaxing soak.

  1.    Bohemian Switzerland

You have to see the natural beauty of the Czech Republic if you are visiting. This location is ideal for great hiking and is jam packed with amazing scenery to last you years. There are impressive rock formations, charming villages, peaceful farmlands, towering cliffs of sandstone, and blooming gulches making it the perfect playground for any outdoor enthusiast. The Pravcicka Gate or Pravcicka Brana is one of the region’s highlights and is the largest arch formations in Europe made of sandstone. It is one of the proofs of Mother Nature’s organic creativity and beauty.

  1.    Pilsen

Pilsen is a must-see for any beer lover visiting Prague, as it is the birthplace and the home of the epochal Pilsner Urquell Brewery. It is also the place of birth for 70%of the world’s beer.

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