Restaurant rules to lose weight

Yes! You’ve got a well laid out plan for your diet, mindful of the ingredients and the quantity to keep your weight on check. That’s no doubt a good one and quite achievable while at home; you definitely got control of it. Now, ever considered the unprecedented outings and your regular visits to the restaurant? Here, you’ve got just two options to pick from, take or leave it. No control over the amount of the regular fat, sugar, vitamins and other trace nutrients. But there’s always a way out! No big deal, just simple rules to stick to while dining out and get your weight loss plan under full control. Try these;

Go for balanced meals: it’s really a simple rule, ‘balance your plate’. This implies that you should go for non-starchy veggies like the spinach or broccoli, complex carbohydrates like sweet potato, whole grains or even the wheat pasta. For proteins, give more taste to chicken, beans or lean red meat and don’t miss out on healthy fat like nuts or olive oil.

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Ask for modifications: this means asking your server for a few tweaks to meet your weight loss needs. Irrespective of the cuisine, you can always make simple and smart swaps and arrive at even healthier diets. You won’t have to worry over jeopardizing your already set weight loss plans.

Make the first order: this may seem a little rude while in a company of friends. But the truth remains that your choice is not influenced. Then you don’t end up with ‘I’ll have what she has’ mantra. That’s a good bonus and you may end up influencing their choices rather than the other way round. Now you realize you still got your weight loss on track even while dining out.

Be portion-smart: this implies that you don’t have to eat all you have on your plate. Why? Most of the time, restaurant meals exceed the expected calories. By sticking to this simple rule, you tailor your meal unknowingly and still keep fit. Just eat for your appetite and nothing more.

You can Sleuth the menu: from a menu descriptor, you can have an idea of the content of your meal as well as how it’s going to be prepared. You can take off from this point! Look for words that signal lighter diets such as grilled, poached, and broiled while abstaining totally from fries and other heavy, fatty foods. By this, you still keep your weight loss watch in top condition.

By keeping to these simple restaurant rules, you’ve automatically decided to get along pretty smoothly with your weight loss. You don’t have to fear dining out when your plans are already set. And if you are in Montreal, you won’t be missing it checking out Rib n’ Reef. Enjoy all the delicacy you can!

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