Roadtripping across Australia into Perth

Road trips are not as easy as they sound and without adequate knowledge about the into-to of your intended destination and the factors to consider while embarking on your adventure, it can easily turn out to be a nightmare. The first and most important factors to note is to make adequate provisions for every possible unforeseen circumstance that might occur and easily spoil the turnout of things.

Make sure you pack all necessities and stay updated on your favorite playlist for when the road gets boring and alone. Sometimes, there is nothing that makes a road trip more boring than when you fail to get yourself some sort of entertainment plan for the road. A first aid kit, a spare type, a road map and the knowledge that you will not always be connected or reachable due to some bad reception spots on the road.

If you are coming in from Melbourne, it’s important to know that you should brace yourself up for at least a week drive or what could stretch into more than one week. You can rent a campervan from anywhere and return it in Perth. Nullarbor is the first stop and it take about 3 days to get there from Melbourne- tucked somewhere between Adelaide and Norseman, the only view you will see are expanses of plains with no trees. Taking the Great Ocean Road from Adelaide is the best idea as you get to drive close to the ocean, so there will be no fog or harsh weather condition to battle with. If you are going through the outback, take everything you need and get yourself prepared for the road and weather conditions; anything that can make your drive a potentially long or lost one. Make research through the internet, maps and planet books.

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The drive should take about six days and it is advisable to space your pace so you can slow down to enjoy the beautiful views. You’ll get amazing views of volcanic landscapes, crater lakes, the blue lake, sandy surf beaches and river inlets. You can slow down in Adelaide to enjoy the legendary winery and bask in the life of the quiet city.

Part of the most uninteresting drives is the one from West Australia to Norseman. There is not really much views to see and this is where you decide to either go North or South. The North will take you to Kargoorlie, which is not exactly interesting but is a much faster route to Perth.

Taking the South is highly recommended as it offers you the chance to explore the southern region and go through Esperance; which is an amazing five hours drive. You get to see the Pink Lake in its beauty and like its name implies, the lake should be the 9th wonder of the world. The twilight beach, Cape Le Grand National Park and the Lucky Bay are definitely enough to make you want to stay over schedule for the number of days you’ve planned. It’s that amazing! You truly do not want to miss the spectacular coastline which stretches about 1000km from Perth.

From Esperance, you can either head down to Albany and enjoy some cool moments of solitude, then you stay a few days to get the much needed rest of the long drive from the past days. Here, you have the perfect opportunity to check out the Albany wind farm, the beautiful beach of Nature Reserve, the Blow Holes{which only work in certain weather conditions} and the Dog Rock which is just by the road side as you drive along.

Brusselton and any other place around Augusta and its surrounding is the alternative to going through Albany. There are beautiful sceneries here too, and you enjoy the absolute serenity that comes with nature. You can also spend the night here and get to see the locals and eat nice foods. You get to enjoy the Wi-Fi connection in the hotel or lodge, which will be a break from the non-existent reception from the long journey you have just made. 

From Brusselton, take south and navigate through the State route 2, which is a three hours drive to Margret River region. This is where you break off from the express and enter the quite inconspicuous roads of the city called Perth. The entire road trip is an estimated 4oookm drive but trust me, the campervan adventure is totally worth it.

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