Some Amazing Tourist Spots of Thessaloniki

The second-largest Greek city amalgamates a classic multicultural history, many advanced facilities, and a comfortable atmosphere that is somewhat unusual for this type of densely occupied place. The ‘Bride of Thermaikos’ is an incredible city able to satisfy your expectations. However, you need to know about some top sights, museums, and areas that are worth visiting in Thessaloniki. To know about transfer thessaloniki airport, you can search the prominent websites.

Ano Poli: Αno Poli is one of some areas that were saved from the Great Thessaloniki Fire in the year 1917. Nestled in the north of Agios Dimitrios, Αno Poli is located on the highest tip of the city extending to the Byzantine walls.

Αno Poli’s residencies are classical representations of Balkan and Macedonian architectural tradition. It creates a picture-perfect and peaceful atmosphere away from the urban hustle and bustle. You can search the internet to know about the transfer thessaloniki airport. Ano Poli is an appropriate way to get acquainted with the local tastes and experience a mind-blowing view of Thessaloniki from above.

Ladadika: It is the nightlife destination of Thessaloniki and attracting numerous local citizens, students, and visitors every night. Cafeterias, tsipouradika , traditional taverns etc create an extraordinary combination of the new and the old able to satisfy and fascinate everyone. The name of this place was named after the first shops in this place aimed at selling oil (in Greek it called ‘ladi‘) and oil products in times of the Ottoman occupation.

Τhe Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki: This Museum was established in the year 1912. It comprises discoveries from the huge area of Thessaloniki. It represents the Macedonian culture during the prehistoric years until the subsequent museum piece. Some prominent exhibits are the statue of Harocrates, the head of Serapis, Medusa heads, and gold medals.

Museum of Byzantine Culture: This museum is one of the contemporary museums in Greece, representing the entire image of the Byzantine culture through incredible exhibitions along with other activities. Its articles have come from the place of Macedonia and specifically Thessaloniki that is closely linked with Byzantine tradition and history. The objects of this museum include mosaics, sculptures, coins, wall paintings, manuscripts, and ceramics. These are displayed in 11 halls, as per thematic units.

You can also visit White Tower, Hamams, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Teloglion Foundation of Art, Churches, and Thessaloniki International Film Festival. You will just love this place. Thessaloniki is welcoming you to explore it.

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