Some Highly Recognized Sites to Visit on Ski Transfers Geneva

When it comes the turn to travel from Geneva Aerodrome towards your desired ski resort, the best bet includes booking ahead for ski transfers. Undoubtedly, Geneva is a wonderful city. In case you have been successful in arranging your ski transfer in advance through ski transfers Geneva –, then you can easily sit back on the journey, relax and enjoy the whole view out of the window.

Sites to Visit on Ski Transfers Geneva

In case your selected ski transfers from geneva airport to les gets the important highlights to be looked out for include the following:

  • The Jet d’Eau – This giant water fountain is visible from all over the city. Hence, it must not be missed out during ski transfers. Among a wide number of attractions in Geneva, this huge fountain is something different from other common fountains which we use to see every day.

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Being located on the banks of Lake Geneva, the powerful spurt of water shoots up into the air to an incredible height of 140 meters. This makes it to be known as one of the biggest fountains in the whole world.

  • Lake Geneva – After successfully finding out the Jet d’Eau, the Lake Geneva cannot be missed out. The huge water body sits right next to the city. You may reach the spot by simply driving along the way easily. Geneva boasts a spectacular setting next to the lake, which is one of the biggest in Western Europe.
  • Cathedrale St. Pierre – The spire on this cathedral makes it another landmark to look out for while on your way to go with ski transfer from Geneva to les gets from the website – It is well known that Geneva has played an important role in the Protestant Reformation. This cathedral is one of the most important landmarks as it was the place where John Calvin preached during the 16th Century.

The cathedral itself is not grand. But its historical significance makes it a worthy stop.  You may easily visit the excavations that take place underneath the cathedral. You may also opt to go up to the top for a spectacular view o the city.

  • The Reformation Wall – It is another site for guys holding deep interest in the Reformation. You may well pass it during your ski transfers. Geneva is also known by the name “Protestant Rome”. This wall was inaugurated in 1909 as an act of remembrance for main figures of the Reformation.

At about 100 meters in length, this is a large and impressive landmark. Some of the most important people involved in the reformation like John Calvin are depicted within the wall in the form of statues.

These are some of the places which will make your skiing experience in Geneva a highly memorable and enjoyable one.


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