The Basics of Getting Paid to Drive People Around

Companies like Uber and Lyft have grown tremendously in the past few years because they allow people to make extra money driving others around. In short, when you’re a driver for any one of these transportation companies, you’re acting like a taxi that people can contact whenever they need a ride. It’s a great way for you to make extra cash and work on your own terms, but there are disadvantages to being a driver, too. Understanding the basics of app taxi services will give you insight into whether or not it’s the right job for you.

How to Get Started

First, you can get started by visiting and finding out more information on the different ride sharing apps available. Each company has its own techniques and regulations, but they all work the same in that you’ll be hired as an independent contractor through their business and take your own clients. There are many drivers who use multiple ride sharing apps so that they have more of a chance of getting a response from someone who needs a ride. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a driver for multiple companies, but keep in mind that you’ll be responsible for adhering to each business’s individual guidelines.

What You Need to Be Successful

All ride sharing companies require that you have a newer properly-running vehicle so that your clients are kept safe while in your car. You will need to have your vehicle inspected before you can be approved to be a driver. Uber and Lyft have their own inspection offices and it is free for you to get this done. You’ll need to have valid high-end insurance on your vehicle that includes collision and comprehensive coverage. Also, drivers need to have a clean driving record that is free of accidents, speeding tickets and other penalties. You’ll need to have access to a mobile device to receive alerts for when someone nearby needs a ride.

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Understanding Your Clientele and Creating Regular Customers

Once you get set up in the vehicle and are working for a ride sharing company, you’ll have the chance to pick up clients whenever someone is without a car of their own. It’s important to be professional, courteous and understanding of anyone you pick up. This isn’t to say that you should let your passengers take full access of the car to do whatever they want, but you need to go out of your way to make them comfortable. Keep in mind that these passengers can choose to leave you a tip and that the better experience they have, the more likely you’ll get a reasonable tip. Use a GPS at all times to ensure that you get your passenger to their destination on time. The worst thing you can do as a ride share driver is get lost or take too long to get the person to where they need to go.

Payment and Taxes

You start getting paid as soon as you pick up the person needing a ride. A ride sharing app will calculate the time the individual is in the vehicle and you’ll get paid according to miles driven. Most of these companies pay you outright, which means that you’ll need to put money aside at the end of the year to pay taxes on what you made. Many drivers don’t realize this small detail and then get shocked during tax season when they owe thousands of dollars or don’t get their annual refund because of what they didn’t pay into federal and state taxes. Read the fine print before becoming a driver for any one of these establishments.

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