The Dangers of Waiting for a Late Holiday Deal

Let’s face it – late travel deals, or last minute deals, are tempting. After all, they made traveling more affordable than ever. Except for the obvious financial satisfaction, there is a purely psychological one at play too. If you would book your incredible holiday trip at an incredibly low price at the last minute, you’d feel lucky, like you won a prize. But would the feeling last?

Your promising bargain holiday journey is only a promise of a nice journey. For most people, the low price of a late holiday travel is the only advantage to it. And unfortunately, there are many potential downsides.

Waiting for late deals is a lot like gambling

If you already have an eye on a destination, waiting for it to be offered as last minute deal could be a real gamble, especially during major holidays. There are no guarantees that it’s not going to get sold out while you wait. In some cases, price will only go up as you hope it will come down. If you lose the destination you wanted to get as a last minute deal, you will end up with far less choice of other (usually far less attractive) offers that have remained available.

Disappointment is more likely

If you get into that ‘now-or-never’ mode of booking an attractive offer based only on the fact that you can get it at a discount – it is more likely that you will be disappointed when you get to actually travel. Booking only because the price is low might make you fail to think through all the necessary details. Would you really enjoy the destination? What are the means of traveling to the place? What is the state of the hotel? Would you have enough time to prepare everything for the trip? What’s the weather going to be like? All these important questions might not get asked if you get lured into booking based only on a nice picture, superficial information and an attractive price. And that might make your holiday a dissapointment, to say at least.

It’s not quite family-friendly

It is notoriously difficult to find a late holiday deal for more than two people, so if you wish to travel with your family or any group of people, you might not have a wide choice of late deals, or any choice at all.

Fake last minute deals

Agencies know that the “last minute“ label sells, so some will put it on a traveling deal at a price that is not last minute at all – it might be a regular-price deal simply marketed in a way that makes is more attractive. Also, last minute deals that are offered weeks or months before the departure date – are certainly not real last minute deals.

One word: stress

All these reasons might make your last minute deal a really stressful way to use up your vacation. The hurry, the uncertainty and possible real problems take their toll. The stress tends to multiply with the number of people (especially kids) that you’re bringing with you. The point of traveling is to relax and have fun, and not to score a seemingly good deal and then to be stressed out for the whole time.

Despite everything said above, waiting for a late deal is still a valid way to arrange your holiday journey. It’s just not for everyone. In most cases, you have to be flexible, open minded and a bit of a thrill seeker in order to fully enjoy a last minute travel. A desire to travel at a bargain price might be an addition to that, but it shouldn’t be the sole reason to embark upon a last minute journey. If the money is tight, there are other ways to reduce costs.

Remember: the main drive for a holiday journey should be simply – to enjoy it.


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