Things To Bring For Your Philippine Tour

Philippines is one of the incredible places to tour in Southeast Asia. Like about anytime you plan your tour to any other place, it is good to have some thoughts about what to carry with you before you visit Philippines. Here is a list of some essential things that you should take with you to make your stay pleasant and comfortable while being in Philippines.


Unlike Europe and the Americas, Philippines has got comparatively warmer weather. So it would be ideal to carry rather light and breathable clothing like cotton t-shirts, singlet tops, cotton shorts and long-sleeve shirts. Do not forget to take a few sets of swimwear with you as well.

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You can’t be speculative about the afternoon downpour in Philippines. It’s very usual there. So take an umbrella with you as well. Tucking in a small umbrella in your bag would not take up much space in it. It can save you and your expensive gadgets like phone and camera from getting saturated during the downpour.

Day pack

You can’t carry your entire belongings when you tour the local places in Philippines. So you might consider taking a day pack as well to tuck in the essential things you may require during your day sightseeing. Ideally, a backpack or vanity bag that has got a sturdy zip and is safe to carry would do. And always beware of pickpockets in rush areas like Manila or other heavily crowded places.

A pair of shoes and sandals

Consider buying a strong pair of shoes because you would need them badly. You will have to walk through the sand, uneven paved streets and the likes. In addition to the shoes, take a pair of sandals as well because you would need them when you do your walking on the beaches.


Although toilet papers are kept in most toilet stalls in the tourist locations, there are some places where you can’t find them or where you have to pay for them. Why to take a chance? Carry a pocket pack of tissues with you. Hat and sunscreen

The sun is rather hot in Philippines. As you engage in day-sightseeing quite often, take enough precautions to protect you from the sunburn. A hat, sunscreen and a sun-shirt are much helpful in this regard.

Medicines and make-up

Don’t forget to take some essential medicines with you. Along with your prescription medicines, if you take any, include things like paracetamol, flu tablets, cold tablets, etc. Also take your essential make-up things, hand sanitizers, deodorant, skin-care products etc.

According to, it is good to make a check-list quite in advance for the things that you must carry with you for your Philippines tour so that you don’t miss anything in the last minute preparation.

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