Three Extreme Massage Modalities from the East

In the West, there are really only a few European massage modalities that are common and popular. However, true Euro-spa masage quebec does more than just relieve stress and tension. Indeed, there are many different types of massage techniques that can release tension in so many different ways.

The earliest techniques of massage, actually, originated in the East; and in the East, massage is a regular part of everyday life, just another routine in a healthy, daily regimen. In the East, for example, massage combines not only the kneading and pounding we may appreciate in Western techniques but in addition with rhythmic breathing and stretching as well as other philosophies that can help to better encourage improved health. Image result for Three Extreme Massage Modalities from the East


Acupressure is somewhat of a new term in the West, where its cousin—acupuncture–is probably more well-known. Both of these schools follow that the body is composed of energy channels known as “meridians.”  These very specific channels encourage the flow of energy—known as “qi”—through the body.

Acupuncture needles influence this energy at special trigger points in a way that actually promotes relaxation and wellness.  That might seem counterintuitive to how needles are widely used in Western medicine (for immunization and for blood testing, for example) but acupuncture is not painful.  

Acupressure, then, simply applies heavy pressure in the places where you would normally use a needle.  Through the manipulation of these trigger points with acupressure massage, the belief is that a practitioner can increase overall energy flow.


Acupressure plays on ancient Chinese philosophies; Shiatsu is a Japanese technique. They are not similar, however, as shiatsu loosely translates as “finger pressure,” which means it is a type of bodywork characterized by pressure specifically applied by the fingers and thumbs and sometimes, even, the feet.  With the assistance of joint manipulation and stretching, this technique reduces pain while increasing energy flow.


Obviously, Thai massage hails from Thailand.  This type of massage is not for the faint of heart as it can be quite extreme, but that only means it can be extremely effective.  The Thai massage modality combines acupressure with yoga as well as Ayurveda philosophies to dramatically increase health conditions.  This modality involves very intimate contact between the practitioner and the patient.

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