Top reasons to be a Chamonix chalet host

If you love winter! (Who doesn’t?) Then you may have thought about looking for seasonal work. One way to get plenty of time of the slopes is by becoming a chalet host at one of the many Chamonix ski chalets. With so many Chamonix apartments and chalets available there are lots of choices and benefits for seasonal work.3

Learn new life skills

Working as a chalet host is very much like being thrown in at the deep end of a swimming pool. You will need to learn how to cook, bake, organise and clean – even if you don’t have a great deal of experience of doing this in the past. The life skills that you could potentially learn while being a chalet host are things that you could make the most of in many other aspects of your life, and this means that it can be a very valuable experience.

Make lots of new friends

When you are a chalet host, you will be given the chance to meet a lot of other people who have also chosen to do this type of work for the season. You will find that there are a huge variety of people who make this choice, and this means that you are sure to find lots of people who you will click with and enjoy socialising with.

Enjoy lots of activities

In between your duties as a chalet host, you will have plenty of time to enjoy everything that the resort has to offer, including skiing, extreme sports and many other different types of activities. The free time that you get during the day and in the evening will certainly give you enough time to do everything that you need to, and this is great as it means that you can have a great time in addition to working.

Great all-inclusive packages

Sometimes it can be very scary moving away from home. The thought of moving away while trying to find a job and accommodation can be daunting. However, with chalet work, most of the hard stuff is organised for you. It is often the case that you will get your accommodation, travel from home, ski pass, ski equipment, insurance and food all included in your contract. This makes moving away so much more easy and inviting.

If you have never considered being a chalet host, then this is something that you should give some serious thought. You may well find that it is a great job, and it could leave you wanting to go back to continue where you left off next season. So why not give it a go? Have a great time and get involved in activities that you wouldn’t otherwise have been able to be a part of!


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