Want to know the status of your Train just insert the Train number.

The train is the form of transport which is cheapest and preferred by every class of people. In India, people prefer to do traveling by train as it was comfortable and convenient. The extensive connectivity of Indian railways is has made traveling for senior citizens and other age groups easy. The rail routes have almost covered all small towns and major cities of India which includes 28 states across length and breadth.

The number of internet users has increased in past decades and being in a digital world; user wants to know everything right from the internet. Now you don’t have to stand in a long queue to book your train tickets and to know the status of your train. In fact traveling by train become so comfortable and convenient and you can also know the Live train running status from your home.Image result for Want to know the status of your Train just insert the Train number.

Traveling by train become so easier by these online services and can also track the route of your train which helps you to organize your traveling and to book your ticket. The passengers can check the status of their train from the device and can easily track the accurate time of arrival of a train.

Know status by your own:

The process is simple and fast; you don’t have to visit the official site of Indian Railways as there are several websites provide the official status of your train. It doesn’t mean that you will not find accurate information on Indian Railways website everything depends on passenger choice they can use any of the websites.

Not all the websites provide Live train running status the passengers has to visit the website offer the service of a current running status of the train. Once you find the site provide this service visit it o clicks the option of “Live train status” there you will see a new page ask to enter the train number (always write train number in digits don’t use any symbols) to track the exact spot of your train.

If the train number is wrong it will be unable to display the status, so put exact train number.  As some trains are running the trains so to recognize the particular train websites needs specific train number to provide information. After adding the train number available on your ticket click on check status or live status you will get the information of your train running status that exactly your train is in standing mode or running mode.

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