Welcome to The Wild Side! Adventure Awaits in a Stunning Bratislava Stag Do

Listen up, boys! Have you ever heard of Bratislava? It’s the capital of Slovakia and it’s not only a simple city but an adventure nest for any groom-to-be and his band of merry men. A Bratislava stag do is not for the weak of heart, but for the most adventurous men that walk on this earth.

You don’t believe it?

Well, Mr. Stag, read on and hear about all the marvels you will experience if you decide to get your lads together and spend a glorious weekend in a city so full of excitement that will be forever burned in your memory.

Let’s get going!

Bratislava – A Fun City During the Day, A Wild Place During the Night

For a whole stag weekend in Bratislava, you and the lads should enjoy both day and night activities, for it’s the most memorable occasion for such extravaganza. If the missus is reading this, don’t worry, your man will not indulge himself in activities that might put your future marriage in danger.

It’s all in good fun and if he chooses to select a team of professionals in planning stag parties, then he will be guided towards safe, but memorable experiences. It may involve some strippers and lady companions, but it’s nothing different from a hen do that involves activities like male stripping or naked model painting lessons.

See, all in good fun.

Now switching back to the boys.

What were we talking about? Oh, yes, Bratislava.

Man, you’re in for a treat. Just read on and see the marvels of this city.

Day activities for a stag do in Bratislava

Let’s start with the day activities, which are plenty and will give you space to choose the things you want to do with your best mates:
Good ol’ fashion sports, like five-a-side football, footgolf, bubble footbal, which is a lot of fun, and even rafting
Extreme sports and activities, for those who are not faint-hearted, but adrenaline junkies, like bridge swinging, high ropes adventures in the forest, hydrospeeding (a crazy sport, similar to surf, only it’s done in a raging river, where you will swim with a bodyboard underneath you), house running (basically you’ll be tied with a rope and you’ll plunge down, running on the wall of a 100 meter tower, in a hellish run down competition), action tower jump (yes, you will jump down from the same tower as above and experience 3-4 seconds of free fall that will shook your world). All these activities are completely safe, but it will take a real man to try them. Are you one?
Gun shooting, at different ranges, using all sorts of weapons, with real bullets. Have you ever got your hands on a semi-automatic Kalashnikov or Scorpion? How about 9mm’s, like a Magnum, Glock or a Heckler&Koch? And last, but not least, experience a true heavy weapon, by shooting with a sniper rifle, like the SWT 40.

Ok, so we’ve seen the day activities you might enjoy in Bratislava. Let’s get to the wild part!

Activities for A Stag Night in Bratislava

Are you ready? Because I’m going to rock your world with the following. You’ve been warned!

Lap dances…everywhere. Basically, this is the warm up. What’s a stag night without a good lap dance to raise your…spirits
Booze, booze, booze. Anything you want, from a refreshing beer to some hard-strong drinks. That should get you in the mood for what follows
Hot body shots – more booze, this time directly from the body of a stunning female stripper
Dinner – because you should replenish your energy. Wait, did I say dinner? I meant dinner with a side of lesbian show
Strip wake-up call – the night ended but the next morning can be just as glorious as the night before

Is this enough? Oh, you want more?

Well, there’s plenty more. Just ask Eventhuse, the place where stag parties come to life. Real life!

The Eventhuse team will plan every detail for your stag weekend in Bratislava, so you can already pack your bags and have a get together with the boys.

Don’t tell them everything!

Leave some of it to take them by surprise.


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