What to Expect from Bandung Weather

Having a full grasp on bandung weather is essential in promoting comfortable holiday in the city. Dubbed Paris of Java, Bandung features a largely cool temperature throughout the year. Daytime temperature is acceptable. During the night, however, temperature could so low in several areas that you may need to turn the air conditioning unit in your hotel room to cope with it. A thick blanket is a must; you do not know when you feel less capable of withstanding the cold so having one at arm’s distance could totally help. During the day, the sun should shine for at least 8 hours so you can feel safe if your itinerary includes going out on broad daylight.

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To understand bandung weather today, you need to begin with understanding the city’s climate condition and its rainfall precipitation. Indonesia in general has two seasons: dry and wet. The wet season should commence beginning in September while dry season should be expected to come around May. However, this is not always the case with Bandung. Given its position that is situated a little bit south of the equator, climate change within the city is adjusted. September is statistically the driest month as during the month, Bandung only receives a total precipitation of 50 millimeters. February should be avoided at all costs because during the month rain falls hard, making up to 255 millimeters of total precipitation. If you think that going there on either June or July because it is the peak of dry season, you couldn’t be any more wrong. The total precipitation for either June or July is 102.1 millimeters and 69.1 millimeters, respectively. While the numbers are far lower than that of February, you should expect sporadic rainfalls during this period. You can still go to Bandung in either of these months but to be able to be on the safest side, go in September instead. Obviously, that is only a suggestion; you can always visit Bandung whenever you feel like to.

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Once you are done with the matter of bandung weather best time to visit, you should move on to where to go while you are in the city. The city’s current most-hyped tourist attraction is KawahPutihVolcano Lake in Mount TangkubanPerahu. People are flocking toward this are to explore it and take photos around the site. You probably want to go there to update your social media but before anything else, you need to know that you will have to pay as much as IDR 300,000 just for the entrance fee if you are hailing from countries other than Indonesia. Domestic tourists are only charged IDR 30,000 for entrance fee, which is a measly number as compared to the foreigner’s rate. If you think that much money should be worth something, it is not. The amount of entrance fee doesn’t compare to what you would encounter within the site. Instead, explore these:

  1. Dago Area,
  2. Cihampelas Street and surrounding,
  3. Sri Baduga Museum, and
  4. Asian-African Conference Museum.

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